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Photo Notes

It's taken (and is continuing to take), quite a lot of effort to get this web site (plus my others) fully up and running. It's taking hours, and hours, and hours. Eventually I'll get there (that presumes I know where I'm going).

I took more pictures than ever before (almost 10,000!) with the Olympus 2500L digital camera I bought 3 years ago for just this purpose. As you can appreciate though, I needed to put a lot of effort into hybridizing so my picture taking has to be balanced with other things. Looking back at my pictures I wish I had taken even more! It's not surprising I was only able to get the 2002 Retic pictures posted during bloom season. I haven't yet gotten any others from 2002 up, but will do so over the remaining winter months.

The camera takes pictures that are 1712 x 1368 pixels (2.5 Mega pixels - leading edge digital SLR technology at the time it was purchased). With an 8:1 compression, images take up about 500K. In order to save space on the web server, as well as provide pictures most people could handle without graphics software I "cut them down" to ~1024 x 768. At this size they typically take under 150K of storage space.

With my expanded web site starting early 2002 I was able to offer full-sized pictures. You can now download the large picture (1027 x 821), or the full-size picture (1027 x 821) [the picture that comes up when you click the "medium" picture], by right mouse clicking, then selecting 'Save Image As' (Netscape) or 'Save Picture As' (MS Explorer).

In the "Faster" version of the web site you can download the small picture (274 x 219), or the larger picture (1027 x 821) [the picture that comes up when you click the "mini" picture], by right mouse clicking, then selecting 'Save Image As' (Netscape) or 'Save Picture As' (MS Explorer).

Photo Index

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1992 & 93 Hybrids In Bed 2 1993 Junos 1994 & 95 Hybrids; More Still To Bloom 1994 Juno Hybrids 1996 @ Left; 1991 @ Right
60+ Jars Of Pollen 89-AX Leaves 93-BA Hybrids, Bed 3 A Damp Spring Day A Late Snow Fall
A Lite Late Snow Fall A Moderate Amount Of Snow Allium 'Globe Master' Back of House Backyard
Backyard Bursting Into Bloom Bearded Iris & Alliums Bearded Iris & Alliums, Bed 1 Bearded Iris & Alliums, Bed 2 Bearded Iris Bed 3
Bearded Iris In Full Bloom, Bed 1 Bearded Iris Starting, Bed 1 Bearded Iris Starting, Bed 2 Bearded Iris Starting, Bed 4 Bearded Iris, Bed 1
Bearded Iris, Bed 1 Bearded Iris, Bed 1 Bearded Iris, Bed 1 Bearded Iris, Bed 1 Bearded Iris, Bed 2
Bearded Iris, Bed 3 Bearded Iris, Bed 4 Bearded Iris, Beds 3 & 4 Bed 1 Bed 1
Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bloom Bed 1 Bloom Bed 1 Bursting into Bloom
Bed 10 Bed 10 & 11 Bed 10 Mature Retic Leaves Bed 11 Retic Leaves Bed 11; Note Bloom on 89-AX Clones
Bed 2 Bed 2 Bed 2: Retic Leaves, Junos, etc. Bed 3 Bed 4
Bed 6 Bed 6 Bed 6 Bed 6 Bed 6 In Fall
Bed 6 Tulips Bed 6J Bed 6J Bed 7 Bed 8
Bed 9 Bed Zero Bed Zero Layed Out Before Bed Zero Bloom Bed 6
Bulb Order From Hoog & Dix Bulbs Along Edge Of Bed 1 Bulbs in Bed 1 Bulbs, Bed 1 Clematis, Bed 5
Colchicums In Bed 1 Crocus & Scilla Crocus In Bed 1 Daffodils Daffodils
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Daffodils Starting Daffodils Starting In Bed 6G Daffodils, etc Dishpans Protecting Retics Under The Snow Dwarf Bearded Iris Starting
Early Peoniae Flowers, Backyard Front of House How Many Blooms Do You See? Iris & Alliums, Bed 1
Iris To Be Transplanted Is This How Tall The Bed Will Be? Juno Hybrids Getting Bigger, Bed 1 Junos In Bloom, Bed 1 Junos, etc. Starting To Bloom
Junos, etc., Bed 11 Kiwi, etc., Bed 11 Kiwi, Paeonia, etc. Mature Retic Leaves Miniature Tall Bearded Iris In Bloom
Moving Bulbs In Bed 1 Ready For Replanting Retics Nearly Ready To Replant Retics & Junos Into Cleared Space Net to Keep Squirrels From Poking Around Nets Are Now Put Down In The Fall Note: Protecting Junos Requires Height
Ooops, One Dishpan Fell Over Paeonias, Bed 6 Paeonies & Iris, Bed 6 Planting Retic Seed Planting Retic Seed
Preventing Root Growth From Fall Rains Primula & Erythroniums Prior to Planting Front Edge of Bed Zero Protected From the Snow Protecting Blooming Retics, Bed 11
Protection For Replanting, Bed 11 Pseudocorus & Bearded Iris, Bed 10 Ready For Edging Ready For Load Of Soil Ready For Planting
Removing The Sod Replanting Retics Replanting Reticulata Iris Retic & Juno Hybrids As A Result Of "Double Planting" Retic Leaves Coming Up, Bed 10
Retic Leaves Ripening, Bed 10 Retic Leaves, Bed 11 Retics Had Been Pushing Against Icy Snow Retics In Bed 3 Retics Protected From Snow
Retics Starting As Snow Disappears Sand Beds At Side Of House Scolla & Corydalis Siberians & Interspecies Hybrids Snow Falling On Bed 1
Snow on Bed 6 Snow on Bed 6 The "Hut" Tulips & Daffodils Starting Tulips Bed 6
Unprotected Retics Various Bulbs, Bed 1 Various Juno Species & Hyacinths Winter Aconite (Eranthis), Bed 5

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